Your state is the foundation to everything you experience, it's the difference between getting knocked down by the trials and tribulations of the job or striding through them with a purposeful gate to greater success.​ It's what we often notice most clearly about high achievers in business when we first meet them and even before any words are exchanged it helps define our first impressions. 


State emanates from within, but to the unconscious salesperson it can be negatively affected by external situations or events. During The Conscious Sale we will explore in turn each of the  3 points of conscious performance. You will discover how a raised state changes the way you respond to and overcome events around you, enables you to work optimally and positively influence the way people perceive you. Awareness of state will create a solid foundation for the shifts to come in your awareness towards yourself, your work and the clients you serve. 

Becoming aware of your state is the first step in conscious selling, through awareness of simple techniques practiced over time you will learn how to maintain your energetic state in demanding situations, increasing your resilience and fortitude to remain focused on achieving your goals.