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What is startup sales mentoring?

Startup mentoring  accelerates your learning curve. You will have at your disposal a practical set of skills forming the foundation of your growing sales acumen; skills that can be used everyday when interacting with your ideal client.


You simply cannot absorb 20 years of sales experience in a week long sales course but with on-going mentoring and support from  highly experienced sales professionals you can avoid being tripped up by common pitfalls such as being unprepared for  client objections , misunderstanding the next steps required to progress and the perils of inadequate qualification. 


Mentoring helps you build confidence by applying best practice approaches to specific sales opportunities. We are here to challenge your ideas and beliefs, and to get you thinking in a sales orientated manner.

Startup mentoring is rewarding as it creates a dynamic, open and challenging relationship with the mentor. It enhances strategic thinking, qualification of opportunities and planning, enabling you to make  more informed decisions in the sales situations you encounter by having an ongoing resource to help you on your sales development journey.

How does mentoring work?


We start with a meeting or video call where we discuss your goals. Once you are happy to proceed, we can tailor a mentoring schedule meeting your specific needs. We can provide a flexible approach including regular scheduled sessions or one-off meetings as and when required. The first mentoring session will be to establish your goals and objectives. We will discuss, identify and document problems and challenges as well as conduct a gap analysis of your required skill sets.