Do you know where to find Success?

What does being successful actually mean anyway?

At The Conscious Sale event in London recently I spoke with a group of sales people to find out what they thought about success, after all SUCCESS it is what everyone wants right?

Generally they saw their success as something ahead of them, a future time when they could enjoy more security, financial freedom and greater choice in how they live and work. I challenged their beliefs about success with the idea that you cannot become successful in the future. That probably seems counter to all that we are led to believe today, but the collective idea is that success is out there waiting to be found through the achievement of sales targets and goals. It's not!

Sure you might logically reason that during some time period, a month, quarter or year, you can become successful, but we know that's not true, right? You didn't become successful on a single day, so when precisely did you become a success?

Success is an inside job?

It is in the sense that people want to experience success that it is something that you can only be; you can only be successful in the present moment. There really is no other time to experience it.

But don't worry; here are some ways in which you can align with the experience of success right now.

1.   Be consistent, consistency is a fundamental attribute shown in the behaviour of successful people. Just showing up each day as the same positively orientated agent of possibility builds a successful foundation of character. Character that constantly communicates to those around you and reinforces to your subconscious self who you are being and how you handle whatever life throws at you.

2.    Recognise there is a quality flowing into the activity or task. The practice of focused attention to each and everything you do will have an accumulating effect. It is not surprising then that the greater the success in the little things the more likely you are to attract success in the larger things that you do.

3.   Be aware of the success in what you accomplish throughout your day, each and every day. Whether it's actively listening to a client, writing the notes up from the meeting, or maybe presenting your ideas; anything and everything that you are doing is in the now, you can be successful in that moment. 

4.   Find flow, the feeling of accomplishment will continue to grow within you, adding greater depth to your confidence to undertake and excel in ever greater challenges. From that space a deepening sense of enjoyment, which can be described as flow starts to develop.

5.    Approach everything you do with the sense of focus, clarity and purpose. Sense the quality in the good work you do. But it doesn't mean that you give little fist pump and say "yeah! Look what I've done " Just have a inner knowing that you have put meaning into it, because you can, because you wanted to, because you are building on something larger than for recognition. In that moment when you're working in that capacity, you are being in true service to your client. That is authenticity, and that is powerful in building successful relationships.

6.   Let go of the need for pats on the back, from your peers, customer or your manager. Let each of your successes build upon the last, growing larger, silently without ego. This actually speaks louder than if you made a big deal of it and will be far more noticeable. The success you started off thinking that you wanted namely money or recognition, actually becomes a secondary goal and that reward happens as a consequence to being in service. 

Success is found in each moment, in every activity. Make your success a knowing that your performance has within it a quality imbued into every aspect of the work you have undertaken.

You can be successful right now in this present moment simply by focusing your attention and ability on the task at hand. That is why success is an inside job.

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