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VP Kickstart

As founder, responsibility is yours for all areas of business operations, and in the early days of a startup that means big focus on sales activity.


It's not always possible to know when you will be called upon to deliver your VP to a prospective client, but you can be prepared for all situations. It is invaluable to have at your disposal a carefully crafted  VP, reflecting a deep understanding of your IC's biggest problem and importantly how you solve it.


You may not always have the luxury of time to unfurl a comprehensive, perfectly crafted value proposition.  It maybe that you only have a few minutes whilst networking, or if you’re unexpectedly introduced to a potential investor, someone keen to discover quickly the value you represent.


It becomes obvious then, how without the right VP you are potentially risking the connection and credibility that can be quickly established with the right VP when delivered to your ideal client.


With VP Kickstart you will be coached through the creation of a comprehensive, precise and powerful VP.

After creating VP#1 we will work on a second version, reduced in length but still fully articulating the key value you must convey. With VP #2 completed we reduce further, carefully selecting every word to create the final elevator pitch version. VP #3 is important when you only have the briefest time to get across the most salient details to your prospective IC.