Exploring intention - you will discover why setting intentions are critical to realising desired successful outcomes in your work.  Once you see how the subconscious mind, when left to its own devices quite literally sabotages your  efforts it will become evident that the only way to change your results is to set a destination for your success, it must be your intention to be successful in the things you do.

This practice will help you break the cycle of unconscious repetition of your past experiences. You will learn how to recognise those subconscious patterns playing out, be provided with techniques that will assist you in creating new outcome intentions and bring a new degree of awareness as to why you experience the outcomes you do.

Setting an intention  is to create a map to where you wish to get to - it becomes the destination for your subconscious to move towards. Without specific intention there is no map,  without a map you're just traveling down a road aimlessly.  If you fail to set positive intentions you unknowingly default to the subconscious mind and the limit of past experiences to chart a direction,  repeatedly returning  you to past experiences, be it  a missed opportunity, or a lost deal, but certainly a destination you didn't intend to revisit.