"As any successful startup founder will tell you in those early days of a new venture two things stand out as being  critical in your success strategy. The first is conservation of your working capital and second is that you must start transacting quickly".                                      

Taran Hughes



TCS Sales Accelerators for Startups help entrepreneurs and business founders avoid making the top two mistakes responsible for startup failures. We dramatically reduce the time taken to generating revenue by enabling our clients to start transacting quickly.

Sales Accelerator Program

Direct 121 consulting to accelerate your sales success 


Key Accelerator Areas

Ideal Client 

Define your Ideal Client (IC)

Value Proposition

Craft  powerful value propositions (VP) that land  with your IC  everytime


Build powerful sales engagement strategies to reduce the steps in your sales cycle 

Success Mindset

Using the power of state, intention and belief to become the creator of your successful sales outcomes