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“As a founder, you may quickly discover the difference between sales success and failure comes down to defined activity and  your mindset”  

Taran Hughes
Startup Sales Performance & Pitching Coach


Which applies to you?

I'm not...

a salesperson.

comfortable calling.

getting past the price conversation.

closing the sale.


I feel like I can't...

find time.

find enthusiasm.

maintain discipline.


I need help to...

define our sales process.

progress sales opportunities.

open prospect conversations.

This kind of limiting  mindset I'm not

I feel like I can't

I don't how to

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Leads to internal resistance which leads to the same outcomes. zero sales!


 "I have never worked with someone so sharp, so experienced and yet so understanding. His outstanding ability to focus on what’s most important helped us clarify our vision "

Lennart Hollstein, Founder Crimson Sky

So, you have a choice... Red pill or Blue?


If you take the Red pill you will...

1. Create and act upon the best sales practices for your target market.
2. Create and nurture a mindset aligned with success through conscious awareness in the sales process.

3. Align your thoughts words and actions to be congruent with your desired outcomes.

4. Be the architect of your own success

If you take the Blue pill you will...

1.  Look for reasons to delay sales activity - there is always something else to do, right?
2. Continue to self-sabotage your actions.

3. Allow the negative self-talk to paralyse you from solving your Ideal Clients problems.

4. Get the same results tomorrow

 "Taran's questioning techniques are mind-blowing and reveal everything you need to know to see where your solution, fits a problem your customer faces."

 Leon van der Laan, former CEO  CargoStream


The Conscious Sale can help your startup reduce sales friction, increase sales revenue and improve performance by adopting best sales practices and a success orientated mindset.

My book
Using the power of State, Intention and Belief, you will identify and rewrite limiting beliefs, discover a strategy for avoiding stress, overcoming obstacles  and enhance the way you experience the world of sales

The Conscious Sale book is a step through guide to creating your success based mindset. 


 "I have gained consultancy clients with his help and am launching a book next month that we set the goal for together."

Melissa Curran, Founder  Modern Mind Group

Who am I? 


I'm Taran

Who am I? I am Taran, originally from the UK, currently calling Barcelona home.

I am genuinely passionate about developing greater conscious awareness in the sales and business environments as I feel the world of business is ready for a shift in how we all work together.


I've successfully held sales and sales leadership roles in international Telecommunications companies such as SingTel, BT & Zayo. I've built sales teams from the ground up and reassembled underperforming teams to make them market leading by focusing on mindset as much as sales acumen.


I'm told I have a talent for inspiring people to achieve greater results and realise more of their potential. I have written two books, including a guide to mindfulness and living on purpose cleverly disguised as a sales success and performance book. I also speak internationally on the subject of success-based mindset and how to build one.

And of course, I must mention that I'm also the cofounder of PitchSLAP

Pitch mentoring for tech startups to make sure good businesses don't go unfunded just because their pitch sucks.

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If you have a few minutes join me in a short meditation on Being not Doing 
Listen with headphones and watch full screen

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